5 Secrets for Landing the Internship of Your Dreams (Video)

Hello BAM-iT! Edu Class!

In today’s video, I share five secrets for helping college students land the internship of their dreams. I know these tips can work, because I have successfully applied them in my own life many times. Especially the last tip — the power of THE COLD LETTER. Many of the internships that have helped to propel my career were not advertised. I saw something I wanted and built a door of opportunity for myself. Watch the video to get a taste of my secret sauce for internship success.

Today’s key points:

  1. Start searching for your internship EARLY.
  2. Submit a mistake-free internship application. PROOFREAD.
  3. Submit a STRONG COVER LETTER. Get help with this, by scheduling a BAM-iT! Edu tutoring session.
  4. FOLLOWUP with a phone call or email IF PERMISSIBLE. 
  5. Don’t see the internship you want? Write a COLD LETTER to the company you want to work with.

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~ Ayvaunn Penn, BAM-iT! Edu Founder