Try Building a Study Calendar to Prevent Cramming (Video)

Hello BAM-iT! Edu Class,

Kiss cramming and last-minute homework completion goodbye by building a study calendar. Learn how to map out your less stressful plan for academic success by watching the video below.

Video Key Points:

1.) Buy a giant calendar, and hang it or post it in your dorm room where you have to look at it EVERY DAY.

2.) Using your class syllabi, mark on your calendar the dates of quizzes and tests as well as when papers and projects are due.

3.) Give yourself mile markers leading up to each test/project/etc. that will ensure you make it through “x” number of chapters by “x” dates. This helps you pace yourself with studying, so you are not cramming at the last-minute.

4.) Include among your calendar mile markers dates to visit your campus tutoring center — or BAM-iT! Edu Tutoring — to make sure you have a good understanding of your class subject matter. This is also good for making sure your class projects, papers, and presentations are on the right track.

5.) Also, include among your calendar mile markers dates to visit your professors during their office hours. Building a strong, appropriate professor-student relationship is important. It gives you a chance to get the schoolwork inside scoop that students not attending office hours will not get. It also gives you a chance to ask questions and make sure you are on the track for success.


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~ Ayvaunn Penn, BAM-iT! Edu Founder


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