College Parties: What You Need to Know (Video)

Hello BAM-iT Edu Class,

Many things come to mind when people think about college: first tastes of freedom, independence, studying, career, tough work load, greek life, PARTIES. Yes. Parties. Before you dive into the college party scene, though, there are a few things you need to know. Watch the video below.

Video Key Points:

1.) Only party with RESPONSIBLE friends.

2.) Don’t drink! But since I know many of you are going to anyway, have a designated driver who doesn’t even take a sip of alcohol all day.

3.) Don’t do the drugs. PERIOD. That includes weed. I’ve seen it mess up some folks.

4.) If you don’t go, you aren’t missing a lot. The stories that come back are almost never good. The horrific stories in the news about some students dying at out-of-control parties are real.

5.) If your homework is not done or you are not prepared for that test, don’t go. Graduating on time is more fun. It sounds like a given but so many people choose socializing over studies. Don’t be that person.


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~ Ayvaunn Penn, BAM-iT! Edu Founder


Feature Photo by Cflgroup Media from Pexels