Roommate Etiquette 101 – The Dos & Don’ts of Living Together

Hello BAM-iT Edu Class!

Heeding these eight points will keep you from being the nightmare roommate famous for all the wrong reasons. Watch the video below.

Video Key Points:

1.) Know HOW to share and remember the fact that no one is obligated to share their personal belongings.

2.) Be clean!

3.) Be courteous with visitors.

4.) For college, respect that — first and foremost — the dorm room is a place of study, not a social hangout.

5.) Keep up with your alarm clock.

6.) Voice your concerns respectfully to your roommate. It does not have to become a screaming match if there is an issue.

7.) Likewise, know how to listen to your roommate and his or her needs.

8.) Be pleasant. You don’t have to be buddy buddy or do everything together to be a nice person to be around.


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~ Ayvaunn Penn, BAM-iT! Edu Founder






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