Georgia’s Woodland High School Celebrates First Black Male Valedictorian – Rawlin Tate, Jr.

“STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. (FOX 5 Atlanta) – A Woodland High School senior is preparing for a major milestone. He graduates high school on Friday with a 4.7 GPA. At that time, he will officially become the first African-American male in the school’s history to earn the title of valedictorian.

‘I’m not a genius,’ says Rawlin Tate, Jr. ‘Stuff doesn’t just click all the time for me. I have to go in to tutoring. I have to study to see how I can get the correct answer. I always ask questions in class. I always go to my teachers. So, it’s a lot of behind the scenes work, as well.’

The 18-year-old enrolled in 21 advanced placement courses. He told FOX 5’s Kerry Charles, the lowest grade on his high school transcript is a 98…”

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Header photo courtesy of Fox 5