He Was Determined to Bring Home a Diploma to His Mom. He Succeeded & His Graduation Dance Went VIRAL.

      Very few young people speak with as much wisdom as 2019 McKinley Senior High School graduate Jairus Malik Johnson. BAM-iT! Edu’s interview with him, featured in the video below, will blow your mind, move your heart, wet your eyes, and make you shout for joy all at the same time. Heck! It makes you so darn happy to be black and see a black young man succeed. It makes you remember the struggle and what it feels like to finally make it to the top of the mountains you have had to climb. It makes you sing the song of congratulations from your heart to his — the song that only black people understand. It makes you celebrate what it is to be Black And Making It. Watch and enjoy.

      We first encountered this soon-to-be Southern University jaguar when we saw the clip of his graduation victory dance come through Facebook. We felt there was no better way for us to congratulate all the graduates of 2019 than with Jairus’ jubilant dance, diploma in hand, back to his commencement ceremony seat. Before anyone knew it, the content took off like wildfire going viral from our Facebook page with thousands of comments showering young Jairus with love and support. Many also wanted to know what was behind that moving and uncontainable graduation victory dance. We are so excited that we were able to bring you that answer and many more.


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~ Ayvaunn Penn, BAM-iT! Edu Founder