Very simply…



An EXPERT HUMAN mind with the highest levels of education and years of professional experience is a far more powerful writing aid than a digital writing assistant. Computers and programs can prompt you when you make mistakes such as using incorrect noun-verb agreement, but it is important to be taught why the mistake is wrong and how to avoid making that same mistake in the future.





At BAM-iT! Edu we not only provide instruction on proper grammar so you can have an understanding of  these principles for yourself, we also believe in things like: pushing you to write captivating introductory paragraphs; helping you organize your thoughts proficiently into first-class written works, presentations, and speeches; and encouraging you to elevate your writing and speaking skills by employing colorful literary elements such as alliteration, anaphora, assonance, metaphors, and personification.




Computers and programs cannot teach you how to move audiences with your written and spoken words. Computers and programs cannot coach you in delivery and stage presence for presentations or public speaking engagements. This is why BAM-iT! Edu’s slogan is “online tutoring services by excellence for excellence.” Do not make the mistake of entrusting your written and verbal communication skills to a computer program. Engender excellence by bolstering your communication skills with BAM-iT! Edu tutoring services.